Thursday, April 09, 2009



Any and all driver suits, pants, jackets, shoes and boots manufactured by Impact Racing pursuant to SFI Specifications 3.2A/15, 3.2A/20, 3.3/15 and 3.3/20 at any time during the year 2008 have been decertified by SFI Foundation, Inc. and must be immediately returned to Impact Racing offices or an Impact representative. Impact Racing has reason to believe that these products do not fully comply with the stated SFI Specifications and therefore do not meet SFI manufacturer certification requirements. This recall applies to all such products whether or not they have been updated, rebadged, or recertified by Impact Racing. This recall applies even if the product now has a 2009 SFI patch or label affixed to the product. All applicable sanctioning bodies have been notified of this noncompliance.

Please be advised that the recall only applies to drag racing suits, SFI-15 and SFI-20 not SFI-5 suits.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Highcroft Racing & Fernandez Racing Win Acura Sports Car Challenge of St. Pete

Congratulations to BSS customers Highcroft Racing for their P1 class and overall win and Fernandez Racing for their P2 class win on the streets of St. Pete.

Briscoe Wins at St. Pete!

Congratulations to BSS customer Ryan Briscoe for winning the IRL season opener at St. Pete today!