Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bald Spot Sports Takes Front Row at Indianapolis 500

Bald Spot Sports Takes Front Row at Indianapolis 500 Announces Qualifiers Racing in BSS Custom Race Seats Brownsburg, Indiana – May 2012 – Bald Spot Sports, LLC, [BSS] announced that all 33 drivers who qualified for the 96th Indianapolis 500 will be driving in BSS custom foam bead race seats when they start their engines Sunday. BSS manufactures two different custom seat products to absorb impact forces before they act on the body of a racecar driver during a collision. Seats are manufactured using technology exclusive to BSS and molded from two new specialty foams, Creafoam and ARPRO. CreafoamTM seats, which offer greater proven force deadening properties than a standard generic expanded polystyrene seat offered by many of the competitors, are designed to absorb the forces acting on the driver during a single impact. ARPRO foam seats, which have greater elasticity, absorb impact and return to the initial shape with greater integrity. Areas can be carved out of the neck and back areas of the elastic seat to create room for foam stability plugs to be inserted. The Creafoam plugs, when inserted, are designed to offer maximum stability and force deadening during a single impact. These seats can offer greater support for the driver during secondary impacts continuing to act on the car after the primary collision. The entire front row of the 96th Indianapolis 500 owns ARPRO multi-impact race seats. About Bald Spot Sports Bald Spot Sports [BSS] is headquartered in the suburbs of the racing capital of Indianapolis, Indiana. BSS is actively engaged in the production of technologically superior racing seats, head surrounds and helmet liners for professional auto racers and private enthusiasts and continually works with independent labs to test innovative foam products.

Simpson Tackles NFL Safety

Simpson Tackles NFL Safety InsideINdianaBusiness.com Report Motor sports safety equipment pioneer Bill Simpson says his helmet designed for the National Football League is continuing to gain acceptance by players. He is partnering with IndyCar team owner Chip Ganassi on a company that he says could generate around 250 employees, if it secures just 10 percent of the market. Simpson discusses the venture with Gerry Dick on this weekend's special edition of Inside INdiana Business from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Simpson says he got the idea after becoming friends with Tom Moore, when he was a coach with the Colts. The safety expert adds his first NFL style helmet tested 50 percent better than football headgear at the time when it came to impact. Simpson and Ganassi's company, HGH Components, is certified with the NFL and NCAA. The two are also hoping to reach into high schools and are working on a helmet for lacrosse players. Source: Inside INdiana Business Report