Monday, February 21, 2011

Cunningham confirmed as IndyCar driver

Published: 3:58PM Friday February 18, 2011 Source: ONE Sport

Wade Cunningham has been confirmed as just the second New Zealander to race in the IndyCar series.

Ironically he hails from Mount Wellington Car club, the same club that produced Scott Dixon.

He will do four races this season with Sam Schmidts Motorsports, all on oval tracks.

Cunningham will now try to break the mold of being just an Indy Light driver

"Sam (Sam Schmidts Motorsports) wants me and believes in me. Sam is my best shot moving forward," he told ONE Sport.

He wanted to drive in the Indy500 this year, but the cost to enter the race was too much, so Cunningham decided it would be more wise to enter four regular events.

If he does well in the four races he may be able to race the full programme next year.

He's setting his sights high, and wants to prove his worth and take the opportunity he's been given with Sam Schmidts Motorsports.

"If we (the team) could break into the top 10 a couple of times I would be happy," he said.

"I want to qualify in the top 14 every week"

And all along the way there's been Scott Dixon, a legend of Kiwi motorsport now.

"Scott does everything he can for me but racing comes down to dollars and cents and he's not writing the cheques for me," Cunningham said.

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